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Families in Mango and the surrounding area rely on wells as their main water source. The water they produce usually requires cleaning for safe drinking and cooking. Most of the people in this area suffer from recurring diarrhea and intestinal diseases from bacteria in the water.


Using a portable laboratory, we can analyze samples of the water sources. In Mango, 100% of the wells we tested, confirmed Coliforms and/or E-Coli bacteria in the water.


We believe all people deserve clean water, safe sanitation and the knowledge to sustain it for future generations. So, we are partnering with community leaders to provide families with water filters that remove bacteria.


Maintained by local community leaders, these filters have proven to be effective in removing over 98% of the pathogens related to waterborne illness.

Drinking clean water, however, is more than just having access to clean water. It also means knowing the steps to keep the water free from further contamination. We’re working with the local leaders to continually educate their communities about the use of the filter, its maintenance, as well as personal hygiene and sanitation.


These water filters only cost $40 and will provide a family with clean water for up to 2 years when maintained. That's only$1.66 per/month to provide a family with clean water!


Please consider donating a filter or filters to provide the families of Mango and the surrounding area with clean water!

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