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When you choose to sponsor a student, your support will cover the costs for a student to attend Colegio Amparo. Your monthly sponsorship of C$40 is life-changing as it makes it possible for a student to be able to receive a quality Christian based education.  

Amparo’s vision - is to see children's lives transformed by God through education. We realize it’s crucial to involve the entire family in this process, which is why we encourage the parents of our students to be involved in our parent support program to create a healthy family environment.

Amparo's mission - is to ensure that all girls and boys have access to a complete and quality education so that they can reach the potential that God has given them in life, including employment opportunities, better health, and also to participate in the future local, and national leadership.

Your support allows us to provide a holistic approach to care both in and out of the classroom. Sponsorship has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of tackling spiritual, physical and socio-economic poverty in children and families.

Through our programs, we also work with our students on an individual basis and are able to assess the basic needs that are specific to him or her.


  • All educational supplies and school uniform

  • A nutritious meal at school

  • Access to our after-school programs

  • Tutoring classes – help with homework   

  • Access to youth programs – special activities 

  • Health care for the students family

  • Parental support programs – family Involvement

  • Access to Amparo's other development programs

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