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When you choose to sponsor a student, you are gifting them an education scholarship. 

Student scholarships provide an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the education and overall well-being of an amazing student.

100 percent of your support goes to cover the costs for a student to attend Colegio Amparo. Your monthly support of C$40 is life-changing as it makes it possible for a student to receive a quality Christian based education.  

You’ll receive periodic letters with updates and stories from the classroom of the student you are supporting. These updates may include photos, letters from the teachers or students, and reports on how your support is making a difference in their education and lives. 

Your generous gift allows us to realize our vision of seeing children's lives transformed through education. 

Your support allows us to provide a holistic approach to care both in and out of the classroom. Sponsorship has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of tackling spiritual, physical and socio-economic poverty in children and families.


  • ​Educational supplies and school uniforms

  • Nutritious meal at lunchtime so students can thrive

  • The cost of teachers salaries

  • Access to our after-school programs

  • Tutoring classes – help with homework   

  • Access to youth programs and special activities 

  • Family support with extended health care when required

  • Parental support programs – family Involvement

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