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Dennis Tjernagel



Dennis Tjernagel brings over three decades of leadership in education, spanning roles from elementary to high school principalships and serving as CEO and educational leader at Pacific Academy. His career is marked by a dedication to educational innovation and community engagement.

He loves being a father to Marcus and Aimee (and her husband Jeremy), and a loving husband. Coaching sports, playing sports, hiking, road biking, and going for walks with his wife, Katherine are activities Dennis enjoys. 

Dennis's passion for leadership extends beyond education, integrating values of compassion and community service into his personal and professional life. His holistic approach is evident in efforts to positively impact students, educators, and the wider community. Dennis has been involved in schools in Uganda and Nepal, fostering global education and cultural exchange.

He has served in many capacities in the church - council member, children's pastor, usher, and leader. Being a man of faith is important to him and he relies on God's grace, love, guidance, and provision everyday.

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