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Rev. Mark C. Tubbs, MDiv, MSc(ILS), was born in White Rock, BC, in 1979, to British expats who found faith at First Baptist Church in Vancouver. Raised in South Surrey, he developed a deep commitment to church service, inspired by his parents' dedication. Early exposure at White Rock Baptist and Peace Portal Alliance Church instilled a global perspective through missions, shaping his worldview and ministry approach.

Mark's passion for music began in his Baptist upbringing and led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in violin and piano performance. Over 25 years, he has integrated diverse musical styles into worship leadership across various churches. Mark met his wife, Cheri, in youth group, and together they have four teenage children deeply involved in their faith and church community.

Mark's vocational journey includes shifts from music to teaching and ultimately to pastoral ministry. Ordained in the Anglican Church, he currently serves part-time at the Church of the Ascension in Langley while directing the library at Pacific Life Bible College. His community engagement spans coaching, chaplaincy, and board roles, reflecting his commitment to both church and wider community impact.

Mark is poised to step into a lead pastor role in North Vancouver, continuing his dual focus on parish ministry and educational leadership.

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