Why Sponsor a Child?

When you choose to sponsor a child, we’ll connect you personally with the boy or girl who will know your name and cherish the thought that you care about them. Your support of $35/ a month can change the course of the child’s life and create opportunities for them that didn’t exist before.

Your support allows us to provide a holistic approach to care both in and out of the classroom. Sponsorship has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of tackling spiritual, physical and socioeconomical poverty in children and families.

Amparo’s goal is to see lives transformed through the love of God by providing access to quality education, Christian discipleship while addressing physical and emotional needs. We realize it’s crucial to involve the entire family in this process, which is why we encourage the parents of our sponsored children to be involved in our parent support program to create a healthy family environment.

Through our programs we work with your sponsored child on an individual basis and are able to assess the basic needs that are specific to him or her. These include;

•    Educational supplies required to attend school
•    Access to Afterschool Programs;
          o    Escuela Biblica – Bible Discipleship School for ages 7-18
          o    Reforzamiento – Help with homework to reinforce education
          o    Youth Activities – Special events, outings, sports
•    Access to Medical Care 
•    Parental support programs – Family Involvement 

Get Involved!

Choose a child and sign up for a monthly pledge of a little more than $1/ a day.


Engaging with your Sponsored Child

Once you become a sponsor, you can communicate with your child by sending an email to; sponsorship@amparointernational.org


Please include your child’s name in the subject line.

When we receive your email, the letter, photos and any other documents will be printed, translated and given to your sponsored child. We’ll also translate, scan and email all letters and photos the child would like to send to his or her sponsor.

Communication with your sponsored child can be as frequent as you like! All letters are delivered by hand, so the process could take a few months between sending a letter and receiving a response. For example, Mango, is a 2 day journey each way and only visited monthly for 8 days. 

Letter Writing tips

There’s no one perfect formula for how to write a letter to your sponsored child, but here’s a few thoughts to keep in mind when communicating.

Don’t worry about writing a “perfect” or “inspiring” letter.

Don’t worry too much about length or content. Even a quick, “Hello, I am thinking about you today!” or “God loves you” can mean the world to your child.

Build your sponsored child up.

Words have power. They can encourage and create… or destroy. Sometimes an encouraging word can change everything.

Ask Questions.

What is your favorite color? What games do you like to play? What would you like to be when you grow up? Ask your child simple questions to get a conversation going and be sure to answer any questions they might ask about you.

What should you avoid in my letters?

With older kids, Politics and “doctrinal” religious opinions are likely to be sensitive topics. Avoid being too familiar. It can be a fine line, but some parents of a sponsored child might be offended or concerned by open expressions of affection made towards their children. Give careful consideration to the photos you send. Make sure it’s appropriate and ask yourself how the child will be interpreting the photo.

Put yourself “in their shoes”.

Letters from your sponsored child may be short, infrequent or seemingly insincere — there are several explanations for why this can happen — but it’s your expectations that set the stage.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Cost to Sponsor a Child?

The cost of child sponsorship is only $35 a month.

If I sponsor a child, how long of a commitment do I need to make?

The length of the commitment is up to you. We ask for a minimum commitment of 1 year but desire to see long-term relationships flourish between our children and sponsors.

Is the Sponsorship Tax Deductible?

Yes! Tax receipts are issued at the end of February for donations for the previous calendar year. If we have your email address, you will get a tax receipt through email.

Does my donation go to help my sponsored child directly?

Sponsorship contributions are pooled together and used to fund the programs benefiting the sponsored children and their families - in other words, your donation will benefit the child you have selected.

Will I Receive Updates About My Sponsored Child?

In addition to email communication directly from your sponsored child, Amparo will send you periodic updates about your sponsored child’s progress.

Can I Send Gifts to My Sponsored Child?

Unfortunately, the mailing system in Nicaragua is not efficient or reliable, however, by communicating with us through email, you can inquire about person’s or teams coming to visit and how you can send gifts with them.

What Happens to the Child if I Cancel Sponsorship?

If you need to discontinue your child sponsorship, we will begin looking for a new sponsor immediately so as little time as possible will pass between sponsors and the child can continue in our programs.

Other Questions or Concerns?

For any other questions regarding the sponsorship process, child contact, cancellations, etc. please contact sponsorship@amparointernational.org