We are building a school in Mango!

This school will be located on 7 acres of land recently donated by the Regional Government.

It will become home to more than 200 students from Mango and the surrounding area.

It will be a place for them to learn, grow, dream and realize their God given potential!


In a public meeting with the community of Mango, better education was identified as one of the top needs. Mango’s current school, Maria Auxiliadora, is a primary school that only goes to grade 6.


We realized that most of the adolescent kids in our programs had hopes and dreams of graduating high school and many had dreams of going to university to become teachers, nurses or other professions.


Due to lack of funding, these students didn’t have the same opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Restricted access to education is one of the surest ways of transmitting poverty from generation to generation.


We believe every girl and every boy should have the right to a quality education so that they can have more chances in life, including employment opportunities, better health and also to participate in the political process.


Our vision is to see children and their communities transformed by God through education.


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The school campus will be built on 7 acres of land donated by the Regional Government.

A team of architects and engineers from Engineering Ministries International travelled to Mango to design a master plan for Mango’s new school.

EMI and Amparo collaborated with Mango’s leaders and teachers to come up with a design that suited the community’s needs. We even involved over 150 kids by asking them to draw the school of their dreams!

The school will be both a primary and secondary school. It will also be a vocational school that will have classes like carpentry, sewing, mechanics, baking and agriculture.

The buildings will include a ranchon (open air auditorium), staff and visitor housing, preschool, primary and secondary classrooms. There will also be vocational workshops, a library and administration building. A children’s playground and sports field will keep the kid’s active outside.



US $130,000



The school will be built in 5 phases over the next 5-7 years. The timing of the phases is solely dependant on finances donated. If more funding comes in, we will advance with the next phase!



Phase 1, will consist of:


Ranchon; this building will be a multi-use building. It will provide immediate space for secondary classes, our after-school programs and public meetings.


Kitchen and Bathrooms; for the school and after school programs.


Storage; for tables, chairs and equipment.


Amparo House; for staff housing.


Guard House; for staff to protect the property.




The ranchon and staff housing will be built from locally harvested wood allowing us to provide local work and proceed quickly with the secondary class space. The kitchen, bathrooms and storage will be concrete block construction.



To see the complete budget, please click here; estimated school budget.